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October 11, 2018 Off By Maisha

Gone are the days when there was no concept of any money and folks used to barter material things. A lot of people learn this and refuse to let go of their concepts that they got from listening to individuals who have been either uninformed themselves (despite being authorities officials) or whose intention was to lie and scare people into voting for news today

We don’t have that onerous a time right now, yet; however some people are mighty shut. (1) They can be utilized by the Treasury creating them and promoting them to banks at public public sale at a discount for the purpose of ‘borrowing’ money to fund Congressionally authorized government operations not coated by tax revenues.

It may be very confusing to be instructed one’s country’s financial system is about to tank and then a little while later instructed that it was all a ruse to put more cash within the pockets of the rich, and of course in the pockets of their favorite congress individuals too – the congress members who made it potential for the wealthy to develop into wealthier.

I Rev Brahmanand Sikha doing ministry work at barabanki(up)from last the grace of God around 50 households are with need place for worship and staff to unfold gospel of lord give me knowledge to work with poor villegers and to do medical work to enhance their health also residing at hire house.Looking ahead to your monetary support to implement God’s way of this we defiantly elevate Lord Jesus news today

Presently I’m doing evangelism and pastorial ministry in Chamba,Himachal Pradesh India.I work amongst sick folks and pray for them and God heal them,I work amongst drunkard individuals and help them in leaving drugs and alcohal , I wants to work amongst lepor and discrouraged and taboo type individuals to whom the comunity doesnot wish to reside with them,Ieven would not have land or church constructing to take Sunday Church as I gather individuals to any believer’s place and then I take Sunday Church,I even donot have a home to live as I reside with my family in some relative’s 12 months I lost 10000$ in an investment within the enterprise as I’ve taken loan and thus far I am unable to return the loan news today